For all that is claimed concerning the Nazi Holocaust actually being a highly organized satanic human sacrifice perpetrated by the highest officials of the Vatican and Jesuits during WWII, there must have been hard evidence –direct witnesses and testimony—that can confirm or repudiate these claims? In fact there is, and it is this following true story experienced firsthand by the author of these articles:
Xavier College, Kew-Melbourne, Australia
Some schools have a bird, or an animal as a mascot. But the Jesuit Xavier College in Melbourne Australia from the late 1940’s to 1980’s had a peculiar and unique one—an Auschwitz survivor named Ernest Shatner/Shackner or “Shacky” to the boys -- a memorable fixture of school life at Xavier as much as sport, academia and religion for forty years.
Of all the schools in the world, it was Xavier College in far off Melbourne that happened to be the safe home for the Vienna Boys Choir during WWII- the sons of Austrian Nazi Catholic elite. The school has always had a strong German connection—even Burke Hall, the junior school I attended was the former German Embassy complete with its own catacombs.
After World War II, a significant number of Nazi sacrifice camp survivors were re-settled in Melbourne Australia. Except perhaps a few boroughs of New York and Israel itself, the population of former Jewish prisoners of war in Melbourne was unique. So seeing an Auschwitz survivor like “Shacky” was not especially unique for a kid going to school from an upper middle class Catholic family in Kew, Melbourne during the 1970’s and 1980’s.
What made Ernest Shatner/Shackner unique was who “adopted” him, where he worked/sometimes lived and his experience at Auschwitz. Ernst had no parents, he was an orphan. But he had one of the most brilliant minds, able to speak Latin and Greek and several European languages fluently. Also that “Shacky” worked in the Crematoria at Auschwitz for a long time—the actual ovens themselves. Finally, that “Shacky” was somehow “saved” by the Jesuits and brought to Australia as their adoptive family.
These facts weren’t simply told to us by Ernest Shackner himself, they were professed by the Jesuit priests of Xavier College as “matter of fact” and unquestionably authentic. These facts, supported by the Jesuits themselves weren’t simply told to one small group of boys at Xavier, they were taught to every class for decades.
Every single class when I was at school was required to receive the lecture from “Shacky” about Auschwitz, culminating in students prodding and viewing his still clear tattoo. But the greatest horror was when he would speak about the ovens and the bodies. He did not elaborate about burning people alive, I would be lying if I said so. But there is no doubting the deadly seriousness of this man when he spoke first hand of what he had seen and somehow miraculously survived when everyone else was killed.
How many actually lived to tell about the ovens?
It is a matter of record that the life expectancy of a Jewish prisoner working in the Crematoria of camps such as Auschwitz was weeks, if not days. It has been proven through court testimony and accounts that the prisoners working in the Crematoria were kept in separate lodging, well away from the rest of the population and were relatively better fed than the majority at the camps. It is also a gruesome fact that these workers were deliberately executed on a regular basis for “whatever reason”—with new prisoner recruits eager to join any new vacancies on account of the better “living” conditions.
It means very few individuals lived to tell the tale of working in the Crematoria from the perspective of a Jewish prisoner of war. Some who have claimed to work in the Crematoria turned out to be untrue testimonies for whatever motive. Very few testimonies exist from less than a handful of genuine workers in the Crematoria who worked there only in the final moments before they ceased and the camps were “liberated”.
Sadly, the fate of so many of those who worked in the ovens met the same end as those they fed to Moloch- as kindling to the demonic satanic gods of the Roman Cult of the Vatican and the Jesuits.
There exists no public record of any person who worked the ovens for more than a few months, nor of the fact that only a “proportion” of those who were fed into the ovens were still alive—an incredible admission on its own, that is increasingly removed from history books for some reason.
It makes the existence of Ernest Shackner and the relationships of the favoured Jesuits at Xavier College even more intriguing.
The Last Witness
When I attended Xavier College in the late 1970’s and earlier 1980’s, “Shacky” remained an institution, but a shadow of his former intellect and self. He had greatly aged and walked with a slight stoop, but purposeful shuffle.
Sometimes the kids made fun of this "crazy old man" with Jesuits priests as his family. I am sad to say that I laughed as a boy when some of the kids would play pranks on Shacky, making jokes about the Nazis while the Jesuits gave half hearted reprimands.
Once, some of the boys in my same year threw Shacky’s bike into the school pool as a joke—Shacky was distraught and the Jesuits bought him a new bike, but did not expel the boys.
Whenever a Jesuit priest would come into view, Shacky would cease speaking and scurry away like a robber’s dog. It didn’t matter that he was usually more than twice their age, he cowered in their presence and sometimes you could see the young Jesuits lapping up such subservience.
During my years, Shacky had become the junior school librarian, mildly feared for his intellectual outbursts. But before my time, Shacky was famous at the school for his brilliance at language and history-and he actually taught Latin for a time—something usually reserved only for one of the Jesuit priests or senior teacher.
The last time I saw Shacky was on the school steps of the Year 9/10 wing in the early 1980’s. I had come up to Xavier to see one of the senior Jesuit priests and tell him I too was planning to become a priest, like so many in my family. I relayed this enthusiasm to old Shacky fully expecting him to mutter something positive about his Jesuit “parents”. Instead, he grabbed my arm and stared fiercely into my face and implored that such a boy should not join the Jesuits because “they are evil. They are Satan.”, he kept insisting and repeating to me over and over, until I broke from his claw-like grip and got away.
The family
Until a few years ago, I always considered the outburst by Shacky to me nothing more than the mind of a man who had seen too much evil finally breaking down. There was nothing in my life that I had ever encountered to think a second that anything he has uttered had credibility.
I had been born into ancient family of well known Irish Catholic priests, bishops and nuns. Our family had direct Jesuit connections since the foundation of the Order in the 16th Century, with one of the first “blessed” Jesuit martyrs- Dominic. My great uncle Jim had been a papal assistant to Pope John XXIII during the second Vatican Council and a powerful bishop. And my uncle Gerald is regarded as one of the most senior and respected Jesuits in the world today.
So nothing I had ever witnessed could ever validate anything said by an Auschwitz victim, or some anti-Catholic “propaganda” when such claims were by default a direct attack on the good name of my family. I felt strong in my Catholic faith towards the honor and legitimacy of the Vatican and said as much when I pledged I wished to also become a priest—whether it be a Jesuit or some other order.
My drive towards such a calling was a belief in the same universal values that drive all good Christians to try and make a positive difference in their communities. I read the Bible cover to cover. I could relate to the intrinsic virtues and values as spoken by Jesus Christ and relayed by his Apostles, especially St Peter- the rock. In fact, I insisted on the unusual step during my Confirmation of 1st Communion of being named "Peter".
Lacking both the moral courage and academic strength to accomplish the vision of what I believed a Catholic priest to be, I left the Capuchin Seminary after less than one year and never returned. There was no anger towards the Catholic faith, or any clergy—no displaced blame as if I need to blame someone else for my lack of courage. Instead, I slid away into the routine of work, money and lifestyle.
There is not enough time or space in this article on how I came to go from that state of mind to writing these articles, except to say that I had genuinely largely forgotten about “Shacky” until the Nazi Holocaust Pentagram came to me in a clear dream a few months ago.
I have had many dreams in my life (See: The 7 Dreams) and some may consider such an imagine as proof itself of a person riddled with religious delusions. Such personal accusation may be well founded and it is why I have laid bare those things that both guided me firstly to believe I had a calling to the Catholic Church and then a calling to help save the church from itself.
But the more I came to reflect on what I had discovered concerning the operation of the Nazi “Holy Inquisition” human sacrifice camps, the more I came to realize I had probably spent four years seeing and speaking to the Last Witness of the true horror of Vatican Jesuit Holocaust along with thousands of other boys at Xavier and never fully realized it until now.
Maybe "Shacky" was kind of like a trophy--the sort of memento that serial killers like to keep as a constant reminder of the "brilliance" of their unpunished crimes? Maybe, the natural genuis of Shacky was the reason that saved him from the ovens and brought him into the care of his family--the Jesuits? Maybe, the last witness--possibly the longest and only survivor to see the full religious horror of the ceremony at the ovens during the Vatican Jesuit Holocaust--was none other than Ernest Shackner?
And so the final proof I can offer you that the Vatican is evil, that the Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil is true is from the words of Ernest “Shacky” Shackner: “They (Vatican/Jesuits) are evil. They are Satan."

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