The Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil will defy belief for many readers –even those who readily accept the Vatican as the HQ of evil for 1,000 years. It seems outrageous that such a massive symbol of evil could ever have been created, much less using the human sacrifice camps of World War II to define its “points”. So what proof (if any) can be added to demonstrate these claims are not a hoax?
Yes, most readers that have viewed the diagrams of the Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil will accept that a genuine pentagram shape can be created from the actual historic location of key Nazi SS human sacrifice camps (concentration camps) during World War II. But who is to say this is nothing more than an unfortunate coincidence?
Geometric shapes can be drawn between any set of locations –especially pentagrams. Taken to extremes, one could argue that pentagrams could be drawn between thousands of cities and towns around the world – none of which have ever had any association with the Vatican, black magic or mass murder.
Yes, most readers that have viewed the diagrams of the 300 mile wide Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil will accept that a Temple to Sibyl (Cybele) is located at the centre of the Pentagram and that cities with an important past to the Vatican (including Rome itself) can be connected by the “ley” lines emanating from it. But then again the Roman Catholic Church has dominated western history for over 1,000 years, so there are few cities that do not have a connection to the Vatican in some way.
In contrast, there are also cities such as Belgorod, Novgorod, St Petersburg, Tehran and Odessa supposedly connected to these “ley” lines—cities that appear “on the surface” to have absolutely nothing in common with the Vatican. In fact one of the “Ley” lines intersects down to a seeming “no-mans land” in the Nile Delta where no obvious city is recorded.
It is why many readers after considering these articles will probably rightfully feel that the claim of the Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil is at best the creation of an imaginative mind, but at worst a terrible slur against the Roman Catholic Church with absolutely no basis of fact.
What then is the common thread between all these seeming random cities connected to the “ley” lines produced by the Catholic Nazi human sacrifice camps of World War II? If a common thread could be proven, then maybe, just maybe the Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil is not a hoax after all.
The hidden history of ancient cities
Virtually all readers have heard of the Vatican in Rome, but some may never have heard that the Vatican was also the official site of the most important shrine to Cybele-the Magna Mater also variously known throughout the ancient world as Sibyl, Athena, Dionysus, Ishtar, Nanna, Astarte.
Similarly, any readers may have heard of the city of Novgorod and Belgorod, but never heard of the history that these cities were at one time the capital of a dynasty known as the Rus—descendents of the Sarmatian Sepharic Jewish Priest Kings also known as the “Khazars”.
This is a major part of the challenge—some of the cities we look at claiming to be key “nodes” on the ley lines of the Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil have a whole alternate past most of us know nothing about. The importance in uncovering this past is critical, for it reveals nothing less than the common thread that unites not only every major city as a node on the ley lines of the Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil, but explains a deeper motive and operation of the human sacrifice camps of the Catholic dictators of World War II.
But before we delve into understanding some of the crucial hidden history and real names of cities of the Great Pentagram of Evil, we need to understand once and for all the true origin and meaning of the word “Jew”.
The 16th Century word Jew
Just as the pamphlet “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” first published in 1903 in Russia is a horrible fraud and hoax, so too is the very word “Jew” itself.
The original inhabitants of the southern Kingdom we now know as the “Kingdom of Judah” were known as the Yahudi of Yahudah, not Judah. Nor were the people of the northern kingdom known as “Israelites” but Sarmatians of Sarmara.
These groups were poles apart in their outlook on life, theology and ritual. The only thing they shared in common was history. Today we know these people of the north and the Sarmatians as one of the branches of Sephardic Jews who magically seemed to survive the Holocaust in large numbers in places like Munich, Berlin, Hannover, Zurich and even Odessa, while ethnic Jews and descendents of the Yahudi were killed in large numbers.
Prior to the 16th Century there simply was no “universal word” that combined these two separate groups, with separate religions –because to force these two separate kingdoms and groups of priest kings into one term would have represented an absurdity—a fiction bearing no truth to the past.
The 16th Century term “Jew” is variously claimed said to come from Old French giu, which is supposed to come from an earlier version juieu and then from latin iudeus and Greek Ioudaios. However this is cleverly and deliberately misleading. Ioudaios is the Greek equivalent of the term Yahudah not Jew.
It is impossible to get the word “Jew” from Ioudaios as it is from Yahudah. So where did the word come actually from and what does it really mean?
Simply, the word "Jew" is directly derived from goy and gyu, two ancient Hebrew words used for derision to variously mean "cattle" and a "dead lifeless, souless corpse".
So how is it possible that a Hebrew word for derision is used and accepted as the label by so many non-Sephardic people of the original faith of the Yahudi and those descendents of the Sarmatians, the Sephardi?
Revenge of the "Good Sarmatians"
Please have a look again at the power centres of the Great Pentagram of Evil again. These are not simply random locations along and at the end of the "Ley" lines of evil--they all share a terrible secret.
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As we mentioned in the earlier articles, the human sacrifice camps such as Treblinka resembled the ancient Temple complex of Ur, the sacrifice camp of Sobibor represented Bablyon, the sacrifice camp of Janowska a striking resemblance to Jerusalem and Auschwitz-Birkenau a frightening resemblance to Baalbek.
Yet even the key cities along the Ley lines also share a common past and thread. Suez (Zeus backwards) is the ancient site of Zion. Odessa is the site of the first city of the Sarmatian exiles (they called Samara) who are known today as the Khazars.
Similarly, we see the cities of Belgorod first being called by these "Jewish" Sephardic Sarmatian Priest Kings as Bet She'an and Novgorod as Ninevah.
We see the two most important cities of religious counter reformation by the Jesuits on the grid- Munich for the war against protestants and Tehran (Ter'gan) for Islam.
The cities on the grid of the Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil are no accident. They are without question the most important cities of Sarmatian "Sadducee" history away from their homeland.
So when we look at the Great Pentagram of Evil and the ley lines, we are viewing into the minds of the most evil occult event in human history. Just one degree in shift of the Pentagram and everything that has been written would be a hoax.
The Last Witness
Big lies are often hard to believe. It takes time, it can make you feel sick. If you are a christian, certainly if you are a good Catholic then the previous seven articles may have made you feel physically sick and repulsed by the claims which they contain.
I must apologize for this. As a result, there can be no doubt that many readers will continue to demand hard evidence--personal testimonies of people actually at the Nazi human sacrifice camps-- to back up these assertions. Surely there must be one last witness?
In fact there was, and many hundreds of boys from privileged Catholic families got to meet him, speak with him and hear his stories between the late 1940's to the 1980's at an exclusive Jesuit School. I was one of those boys and you can read the true story by clicking Article VIII-The Last Witness.

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