<< A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


arrows – Wingdings 3 font


brighten image &ndash see lighten image


circled numbers – Wingdings 2 font

black numbers on white background

0 – i

1 – j – j

2 – k – k

3 – l

4 – m

5 – n

6 – o

7 – p

8 – q

9 – r

10 – s

white numbers on black background

0 – t

1 – u

2 – v

3 – w

4 – x

5 – y

6 – z


dark image, brighten &ndash see lighten image



Font, set default – format, font

  1. If your document already contains text formatted with the properties you want to use, select that text.
  2. On the Format menu,click Font.
  3. Select the options you want to apply to the default (default: A predefined setting. You can accept the default option settings, or you can change them to suit your own preferences.) font. If you selected text in step 1, the properties you want will appear in the dialog box.
  4. Click Default.

Full Menus, show (Always On)

Tools, Customize, Check “Always show full menus”


“Getting Started” Task Pane, How to remove – Tools, Options, View, Uncheck Startup Task Pane


HTML, clean up Word's

Save as filtered.  This will remove Office tags. Cleans up a lot right there.

3rd party utilities:

Coding Horror's Cleaning Word's Nasty HTML – C# program that uses regular expressions to clean up – the entity cleanup didn't work in Mozilla for me

Textism – upload a file at their site.  Freebie only works with 20K or less

Tidy – Open source, written in C

For instance:

tidy –f errs.txt –m index.html

which runs tidy on the file "index.html" updating it in place and writing the error messages to the file "errs.txt".

To get a list of available options use:

tidy -help


image, lighten &ndash see lighten image




lighten image – select image → Picture Format tab → Corrections → Brightness/Contrast



numbers with circles around them – see circled numbers



Picture in background – View Header/Footer.  Insert picture.  Right click on picture, Format Picture.  Click middle tab that says “Layout”.  Click “Behind Text”.  Once you leave the Header/Footer view, the picture will be washed out and in the background.






Table of contents – Format, Frames, Table of Contents in Frame.  This will add a frame to the left.  So, if you already have a frame with a TOC which you need to update, delete that frame first (Format, Frames, Delete Frame) and then re–create it.
The automatically generated frame will be saved as a file with the name of the first 8 letters of the first word in the document.  So it’s usually best to rename it.

tilde – Shift+Control+~, n – only works with "n,N,o,O,a,A" (Umlauts, circumflex, grave, etc. here)

Screentips Shortcut Keys (the those little yellow boxes that pop up showing the shortcut key when you hover over certain functions, this is how to turn it on) – Tools, Customize, Check Show shortcut keys in ScreenTips


Umlaut – Shift+Control+:, o (or whatever) – (tilde, circumflex, grave, etc. here)

unordered lists, save in proper HTML - you can't. Instead, go to HTMLEditor.in


version, which version opens when you double click – if you have 2 versions of Word installed – say 2003 and 2007 – you might want to default to having all documents open with 2003 instead of 2007.  You’d think you’d be able to determine that in Windows Explorer by file suffix.  But that just doesn’t seem to work.  So we need open expert