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Fresh Books

GnuCash - Help Link


Invoice Bubble



ads, get rid of - see Anti-Malware, Browser Addons(coming soon)


AVG Free


Microsoft Security Essentials

Panda ActiveScan free online scanner - You don't need to install any programs, just connect to the Internet and simply click whenever you want to clean your computer





Malwarebytes - Highly recommended to remove Malware.


Applications, run your favorite apps on any pc even if those programs aren't installed on that computer


article that explains how to move an application using regedit

Atomic Clock Sync


audio and video codecs

audio file download – see flash file downloader

audio ripper – Exact Audio Copy (EAC) – requires LAME codec – great for .wma files


Backup (Local)


Backup Assist

Cobian Backup


Redgate Backup

Backup (Cloud)

Amazon Glacier







iPerf.exe - download, instructions

iperf -c

BIOS Wizard

Burn Software

123 Copy DVD
Active ISO Burner

Boot Cds

123 Copy DVD

Bootable USB


Browser Addons




Digicert offers a free executable Digicert Certificate Utility for Windows

change program associated with a file extension – OpenExpert

Chkdsk Tools

Chkdsk and defrag on XP, automate with batch file

clipboard - clipx -  Outdated since 2008

Clone Hard Drive


Clonezilla - Opensource cloning software. Even has a server version.

Hiren's BootCD 9.2 - all in one DOS bootable CD which has partition, disk clone, antivirus, recovery, testing, hard disk tools


The Codecs is the most completed, powerful and reliable compilation package of various audio and video codecs.  It contains the best and newest codecs that are needed for playing most movies (Divx, VCD, SVCD etc.).

Compare Utility - compare directory - see directory, compare






connection to network - see ping trace

convert C# to VB or vice versa – Instant VB / Instant C#

Copy Files


 WinSCP - copy files from Windows to remote Linux box


Pest Patrol – eval is free and found some cookies SpyBot, adaware did not. Must buy to delete or delete manually.  Info on how many hits for each cookie as well. It does,however, add a couple items to startup.

CPU Speed

WCPUID, CPU-Z – tells voltage,multiplier, etc.

Crash Debugger



dead pixel test

defrag – contig (command prompt from sysinternals) or Power Defragmenter which has a GUI for contig

defrag and chkdsk on XP, automate with batch file

deleted files, recover – ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro

DHCP test client

dig (DNS lookup) online Google admin toolbox

directory , compare


WMatch 2.0

disk utilities

Bst5 (Bart's Stuff Test v5) - a small win32 application for long time heavily stress testing storage devices

DrvCareXP - Makes the chore of caring for your drives easier. The program uses existing XP system utilities to clean, scan for errors, and defragment your drives. Written in C#, DrvCareXP requires Microsoft .NET Framework (20MB) from the Microsoft web site.

DLLs, list - (sysinternals.com) - use listdlls > test.txt, otherwise will close once finished listing

DNS info - dig (from BIND)

DNS propagation - WhatsMyDNS

DNS servers (free)





domain name, find info about


WhoIs – part of Windows SysInternals

download audio or video files – see flash file downloader

drag-n-drop sensitivity - Windows Drag Sensitivity Utility



USER NAME is: driver

PASSWORD is: all

duplicate files - clonemaster

DVD codecs




Multi-Edit – Erik uses, never tried

Note Tab

Zeus – another one Erik uses which I’ve never tried



email test




encrypt files, folders - AxCrypt

extensions, file, change program associated with – OpenExpert


fax Word Doc - gotfreefax

file extensions, change program associated with – OpenExpert

file manager - fileant

files, copy from Windows to remote Linux box – WinSCP

files open, see Open files



ZoneAlarm ( Download.Com, ejrs)

flash, convert FLV to MP3Free Studio Manager.  Free VLC will convert video to MP4 (not MP3), which may not be what you want if you intend to edit them in something like Audacity.

flash, convert SWF directly to AVI – a better approach might be to extract SWF component audio files


SWF to AVI – free, works.  Need to play the whole dang file.

don’t work

Any FLV converter – click on “Add Video” brings up pick list that does NOT include SWF.  When choose “All files” to override and choose an SWF, “Cannot get media information”.  Doesn’t help to choose the “Flash SWF movie” profile.

FoxTab – add file does not have “SWF”.  Choosing “All supported formats” doesn’t help.  If you force it by putting in the file name, then clicking “Start” results in the program claiming it’s doing something for a brief moment.  But nothing really happens.

swf>>av – says it needs Microsoft .NET library.  Doesn’t say which Microsoft .NET library.  Allowing it to download what it thinks it needs doesn’t work; the installation just dies with no explanation or warning.

SWF to Video converter – aka iWisoft Flash/SWF to Video Converter works but free version puts watermark on video.  Also, you have to play the whole SWF file to capture.  When try “automatic” (as opposed to manually playing the whole file), it doesn’t really capture anything.  Just makes a very small, apparently worthless file.

AVS Video Converter 8.1 – doesn’t support SWF.  This is only an evaluation copy anyway.

flash, convert SWF directly to MP3 – a better approach might be to extract SWF component audio files

don’t work

SWF to MP3 converter – says no audio component

FoxTab Video Converter – add file does not have “SWF”

Super from erightsoft.com

flash, extract SWF component audio files (SWF is only a binary “wrapper” file that points to the “real” FLV audio/video files somewhere else)


FlashDigger – ($49.95 – worth it) opens, plays but can’t save audio directly.  You need to dig around in the decoded “tree” that this software reveals to find the obscurely buried source FLV files.  How?  Here’s a brief explanation for one particular file:

I can't speak about any swf, but as for this one:

- it doesn't contain any audio tracks, as you can see it in the Objects tree

- it is too small (< 100k) to contain any video track

- it obviously downloads the video, as the network is active, when I play this SWF

Taking into account all the above, we need to seek for a URL of FLV file.

There is a Search tool, but it can't find ".flv" or "http://", therefore the only area where we could try to search more is object actions, i.e. we can seek for "hasClipActions" keyword and find some PlaceObject2 tag, having object actions, then open its properties and look to the script.  A simpler way: use File=>Export Transcript menu. Then open exported text file in Notepad and seek for ".flv" or "http://". And you'll find this object and its script.

But I didn't do the actions above. I just looked at what is really placed into the main timeline (a PlaceObject2 tag at the root level) and I found it easily. And this was just #92 with its actions. Moreover, its class name "FLVPlayback" (AFAIR) told me that it was just what I need.

Anyway, once you find the source FLV file, it will likely point to a site which uses the “rtmp” rather than the “http” protocol – such as “rtmp://flash.somedomain.net/videos/some.flv” – so you can’t use a browser to download them.  Instead, use rtmpdump.  This location is a zipped file of the binaries (normal sources only give source code, which you may not want to take the time to compile).  Unzip, open a command dialog box (run “CMD”), move to the directory where you unzipped to, and issue a command:

rtmpdump -r "rtmp://flash.somedomain.net/videos/some.flv" -o some.flv

You should see progress being displayed in the command box.  Now you have your FLV file.  Look at “flash, convert FLV to MP3” if you need to convert to MP3.

don’t work

SWF extractor – only extracted PNG files, no audio

flash file downloader

FireFox addonOrbit didn’t work so well 11/2/11

folders, compare – see directories, compare

folders, password protect, - AxCrypt


The font thing - freeware program for managing TrueType fonts in Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 – latest version 1999!

NexusFont – font manager


equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux

Freeware utilities, 2


freeze operating system from any changes - DeepFreeze




FTP Surfer

Secure alternative to Linux boxes using SCP to copy files from Windows to remote Linux box – WinSCP

Smart FTP - the trick to getting files to show up in the left (local) pane is to use "local browser"

ftp alternative



game tweaking


ghost – g4u, SystemRescueCD



front ends

gpgrelay - for PC - couldn't generate a key with this one

WinPT - much better to generate a key pair

Generating a new keypair - using DOS or Linux command line

Graphic manipulation from the command line (Linux)


Hardware, utility to determine – Belarc Advisor

Hex editor - Freeware Hex Editor XVI32

hops, trace - see ping trace


HyperSnap - Unlicensed copy puts stamp in upper left hand corner


image manipulation from the command line (Linux)

image resizing - Multiple Image Resizer .NET, Online PNG and JPEG compression

IP address, ping continuously to monitor whether it’s up – see ping an IP address continuously to monitor whether it’s up

IP address, find info about


WhoIs – part of Windows SysInternals

ISO reader/mounting




keys, find – 13 such



link checker


Linux equivalents / replacements / analogs for Windows software

logon to a Windows PC on which you don’t know the password –

  1. EBCD – Emergency Boot CD to make a CD capable of booting up and resetting an ID’s password
  2. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk / CD

log file analyzer



TIGER Mapping Service from census bureau - gives you a street map of any US location.  You feed it latitude, longitude, how wide you want the map, etc. as parameters

memory diagnostics

AleGr MEMTEST is a program for testing DRAM (main memory) of PC-compatible computers built on Intel 386 or higher processor

DocMemory 9X 1.45a - Simm test & diagnostic software for Win95/98, (not Me or NT &2K).

MemTest - less than 20k contains the program and all its documentation.  Alternate 1

memtest86 - thorough, stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers

Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic Beta - tests the Random Access Memory (RAM) on your computer for errors. The diagnostic includes a comprehensive set of memory tests. If you are experiencing problems while running Windows, you can use the diagnostic to determine whether the problems are caused by failing hardware, such as RAM or the memory system of your motherboard. Windows Memory Diagnostic is designed to be easy and fast. On most configurations, you can download the diagnostic, read the documentation, run the test and complete the first test pass in less than 30 minutes.

memory, identifying

DIMM ID 2001 1 - Research Machines latest version allowing you to identify your DIMM's installed in your PC.

memory info – belarc utility

memory speed up, optimize, defrag

Hardware HQ Tools 1.4 -set of registry tweaks to improve Windows XP System performance and enhance XP system. Must have Windows XP otherwise you will damage your systems registry. Tools include: MSN Uninstaller, Num Lock always on, MenuDelay remover and Memory Speed

MemInfo II 1.11 - Find out how your memory is being used and stop the leaks.

MemStat XP v1.6.0.0 - monitors physical memory in Windows 98, 2000, and XP systems. MemStat lets you track usage of memory in your system and easily free it, if needed. You can benchmark your system's memory, log memory status and customize the tray icon.

Memory-Trax 3.5 - small program that reclaims memory that Windows neglects to release (the famous Windows memory leak!).

RAMfreer is a smart memory management tools. It works by freeing up Physical RAM wasted by applications

RAMBooster v 1.6 - lets you monitor Windows' use of your precious RAM, and if it falls below a specified level, the utility will set off an alarm or automatically boost your available RAM. It does this by scrubbing the info that was previously in your RAM -- flushing your cache -- telling Windows to relocate everything to the swap file.
One of the downsides of this is if you reopen a program for the second time, it won't open as fast as it would if it was in your RAM. However, the tradeoff for this is that the program can use RAM much more efficiently -- and where you system would otherwise be sluggish (or freeze up), it will remain stable

monitor whether an IP address is up by pinging continuously – see ping an IP address continuously to monitor whether it’s up

move program or application – see applications, move


MP3, convert from WAV in batch mode – see WAV to MP3 converter, batch

MP3 to text - see also WAV to text

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition - $199. Home edition won't convert files

Express Scribe Transcription Software - free version requires AltoEdge USB Foot Pedal


network connection - see ping trace

network monitoring –

IPCheck Server Monitor

System and Network Monitor (SNM) – PERL-based, no Windows executables provided.  So this means you need PERL installed.

network packet capture - WinPCap

network sniffer




Show Traffic


network too slow – try the SG TCP Optimizer utility

network utilities online - hexillion, see ping trace, others

notepad – notepad++


open files

vba code

which files open on a server - Open File List Utility - from DOS window: ofl -s \\servername

which program has a particular file or directory open - Process Explorer

Open Office – before install you’ll need JRE (J2SE)

operating system, freeze to keep from changing - DeepFreeze


packet sniffer

parasites – see spyware, doxdesk

partitions –

Hiren's BootCD 9.2 - all in one DOS bootable CD which has partition, disk clone, antivirus, recovery, testing, hard disk tools

Ranish Partition Manager is a powerful hard disk partitioning tool.  It gives users high level of control for running multiple operating systems, such as Linux, Windows 98/XP, FreeDOS, and FreeBSD on a single disk.  Partition Manager can create, copy, and resize primary and extended partitions.

SystemRescueCD - a Linux system on a bootable CD-ROM for repairing your system and recovering your data after a crash. It aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing the partitions of the hard disk. It contains a lot of system utilities (parted, partimage, fstools, ...) and basic tools (editors, midnight commander, network tools). It is very easy to use: just boot the CDROM. The kernel supports most of the important file systems (ext2/ext3, reiserfs, reiser4, xfs, jfs, vfat, ntfs, iso9660), as well as network filesystems (samba and nfs).

password, crack

@stake LC4 (formerly L0phtCrack)

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

password recover – Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor, 12 ways

password protect files, folders - AxCrypt

pdf, rotate and save - rotatepdf.net


see game tweaking

pie chart for file manager - fileant

ping an IP address continuously to monitor whether it’s up - Quick Ping Monitor - shareware

ping trace


VisualRoute 2008 Lite

pop-up blocker

Cookie Cop

port, check if active – CanYouSeeMe.org

port scanning




Active Ports – monitor all open TCP and UDP ports on the local computer, maps ports to the owning application so you can watch which process has opened which port. It also displays a local and remote IP address for each connection and allows you to terminate the owning process

Advanced LAN Scanner

Angry IP Scanner

BluesPortScan - direct download link

iptools - from MikerSoft, direct download link

LANguard Network Scanner (1.5 Mb) - freeware security scanner to audit your network security. It scans entire networks and provides NETBIOS information for each computer such as hostname, shares, logged on user name. It does OS detection, password strength testing, detects registry issues and more. Reports are outputted in HTML.


NetScanTools - ftp directory of a bunch of versions

PortQry Command Line Port Scanner Version 2.0 - from Microsoft

PortQryUI - User Interface for the PortQry Command Line Port Scanner - from Microsoft

SuperScan - (246 Kb) pretty good, but 3.0 is way better than 4.0

TCPView for Windows – part of SysInternals, a Windows program that will show you detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system, including the local and remote addresses and state of TCP connections

Powershell editor - PowerGUI



Xerox CentreWare Web - Device Management Software - Version 2.0- CentreWare Web is an innovative office software package that installs, configures, manages, monitors, and reports on the networked printers and multifunction devices in the enterprise - regardless of manufacturer. Robust and easy to use, CentreWare Web allows System Administrators to manage diverse environments from a single location, using their Web browser to perform multiple administrative functions, including installing, configuring, and monitoring networked devices - right from any web browser.

process monitor - real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity. It combines the features of two legacy Sysinternals utilities, Filemon and Regmon

process explorer - which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded

processor speed - see system info, cpu speed

Security Task Manager displays detailed information about all running processes (applications, DLL's, BHO's and services). For each process, it improves on Windows Task Manager, providing:

file name and directory path, security risk rating, description, start time, CPU usage graph

embedded hidden functions - e.g. keyboard monitoring, browser supervision or manipulation

type of process - e.g. visible window, systray program, DLL, IE-plugin, service

The Security Task Manager recognizes also virtual driver software, services, BHO and other processes hidden from the Windows task manager.

program, move – see applications, move

protocol analyzer (see also network sniffer) – ethereal



registry cleaner

ccleaner (crap cleaner) – freeware

Easy Cleaner

jv16 – not free, but free trial

RegClean – Microsoft’s free, unsupported 1997-era utility; not a whole lot of detail given – only an option to “fix all”, whatever that does

RegCleaner - easily get rid of those old and obsolete registry entries created by software that you destroyed ages ago – part of jv16 PowerTools

Registry Clean Pro - A utility to fix errors and optimize the performance of the Windows registry.

RegRun - has a lot of other stuff like security, startup

RegVac – not free, but free trial

RegScrubXP-  only XP


Registry replace strings - Registry Search/Replace

remote control

LogMeIn – free

MyWebEx PC


VNC, for Mac OS X


rename files – name\viz

root kit attack - BartPE, RootKitRevealer (SysInternals)


scan ports – see port scanning

SCP to securely copy files from Windows to remote Linux box – WinSCP

screen test – see dead pixel test

screen capture

AnalogX Capture - can capture full screen or active window, no rubber banding

Another Screen Capture Tool - can capture full screen or active window, no rubber banding

Bug Shooting - free screenshot utility that was developed for software testers who use bug tracking systems

Capture Express – 30 days free, and it has rubber banding and you can put it into the clipboard

Gadwin PrintScreen

Ksnapshot – for Linux


Screen Print & Capture - rubber bands but can't put into clipboard

ScreenGrab 1.0

Screenshot Captor

Search and replace – Microsoft’s utility in Windows Explorer to find strings is completely worthless


Search_Replace_357.exe – free for 30 days, anyway

Windows Grep – best I’ve found so far


Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer – not really that great; I saw false positives

RegRun - has a lot of other stuff like startup, registry search and edit


security assessments and vulnerability protection

security freeware for web

security scanner - a software which will audit remotely a given network and determine whether bad guys (aka 'crackers') may break into it, or misuse it in some way

Nessus, Local Area Security Knoppix distribution with Nessus included

server’s version of software running – What’s running

side-by-side compare utility – AsciiDiff, see also compare utility

slide show - IrfanView

SMTP server – Free SMTP Server

spyware – see also rootkit


BHOCaptor - control the IE Browser Helper Objects (stoolbar.dll, btlink.dll)


HijackThis - download


Pest Patrol – eval is free and found some cookies SpyBot, adaware did not.  Must buy to delete or delete manually.  Info on how many hits for each cookie as well.  It does, however, add a couple items to startup.


SpyBotAlternateSite 1 Danish site



XP-AntiSpy - stop XP’s special brand of spyware


"free" clients for interoperating with OpenSSH from Windows machines


system info

SiSoft Sandra 2001te Standard ( QualityShareware, WinSite, 3B [30-day trial])

belarc from Crucial (free)

AIDA32 free, very comprehensive

system tray - TrayManager 2


Task manager, which programs there are trouble - The Ultimate Troubleshooter - $20 but well worth the price

text from image



Web Album Generator



The Pirate Bay
Torrent Valley

trace hops or pings - see ping trace

tray – see system tray

troubleshooter – The Ultimate Troubleshooter



undelete file – NTFS Undelete

Unix2Dos - Direct download link Unzip, run “unix2dos” with no arguments in a DOS window The program asks for first input, then output file


VB, convert from C#– Instant VB

video or audio file download – see flash file downloader

version of software running on a server – What’s running


WAV to MP3 converter, batch – LameDropXPd – just drag ‘n’ drop

WAV to text - see also MP3 to text

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition - $199. Home edition won't convert files

Wave to Text - trial made by United Research Labs

web server’s version of software running – What’s running

web site scanner, mirror – Black Widow

WebWasher - gets rid of ads on web pages

Windows 3rd party utilities

Doug Knox - includes "winipcfg" for XP (wntipcfg ) - needs to have "C:\Program Files\Resource Kit" already created to work right

GroupAdmin - shareware for 30 days, didn't find this of much use

Wireshark packet capture

NPF driver isn’t running - net start npf

.wma files, ripper – Exact Audio Copy (EAC) – requires LAME codec