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apache for windows download



carriage return - \n

concatenate - .


  <title>PHP Output</title>






  <p>First poet is <?=$strPoetFname." ".$strPoetLname1?></p>

  <p>Second poet is <?=$strPoetFname." ".$strPoetLname2?></p>

  <p>Third poet is <?="John"." "."Tennyson"?></p>


configuration – /etc/php.ini




Foreign Key hack with message containing doco how to use

phpLens - $550/yr, $1,650 for perpetual license

directories – /usr/share/php and /usr/include/php

documentation – /usr/share/doc

download PHP






Fresh Meat - projects





PHAkt open-source PHP extension for Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, allowing PHP generation using the same techniques as when developing ASP/JSP/CF

PHP Coder - (PHPIDE)

Komodo $295


Zend Studio Personal Edition - free

Zend Studio - $195 - see also Zend Optimizer (free)

IIS, how to install PHP 5.2 onto IIS 5.1

1)      Install with only the option: "IIS 4+ / ISAPI"

2)      Install under folder "C:\PHP\"                  Don’t accept default “C:\Program Files\PHP” ‘cause later in step 4 the space in “Program Files” causes “wrong executable” error

3)      Edit the file: "C:\PHP\php.ini"

Change "doc_root = " to "doc_root = c:\Inetpub\www\"

4)      Open IIS, right click on “Web Sites”, Properties.

·         Click home directory tab.

·         Click Configuration, look for the extension ".php".

·         The executable path should be "C:\PHP\php5isapi.dll"          If you installed PHP under default “C:\Program Files\PHP”, you’ll get “wrong executable” error

                                                                                                            C:\PHP\php-cgi.exe also seems to work

5)      Restart IIS

info: <?php phpinfo(); ?>

installation on windows




libraries - see also templates



magic_quotes_gpe – /etc/php.ini

mail script 1, 2


MySQL Front - discontinued





path - if include_path is set in php.ini then it is ignored except for informational purposes; phpinfo reports what include_path in php.ini contains but scripts cannot find files. Default include_path works. Setting include_path via http.conf php_value works.

PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components - found in the php-devel rpm

PHP Builder



phpWizard - supposedly had  a light-version of the source-code editor Maguma PHP4EE Studio but apparently not


question mark – $var == "something" ? "is something" : "not something";


Redisplay form with error messages – see Autofilled PHP Forms

restart after changing php.ini: need to restart web server (apache, httpd)


scripts - see libraries, templates


templates - see also libraries

smarty template engine


undefined function: mysql_pconnect() – run <?php phpinfo(); ?> in a page







zend optimizer