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action pack 877-283-1925, 5

activation 1 888 571 2048 or maybe 1 800-936 5700 (Customer Central)




Tony Desharnais | National Engagment Manager | US Public Sector | Microsoft Fargo Campus | (APAC Customer Services Inc) 701-433-4583 - he first called 7/24/15

Courses - 2273, 2275, 2277


dll dependencies













Office 365 "Concierge" - 800-636-7914 is better than the "generic" 800-865-9408

Office Links

Microsoft Store - Only shows products purchased from the Microsoft Store - Supposed to show all Office 2013 keys and 365 Subscriptions only. However this isn't the case with 3rd party purchases.

Office Setup - Shows office keys purchased from 3rd party venders and Visio, project, etc.

VLSC - Volume Licensing Service Center. Mostly used for business products.


ODBC- Microsoft Data Access Components MDAC (GA)Typical Install for x86




resource kit


shutdown windows problems -see windows shutdown problems


Global Customer Service Phone Numbers

United States 800-642-7676 gets you into the long and involved menu where they try to squeeze money out of you

425-704-3638 is a number I've seen offered for existing support cases where you then need to enter in 1 7-digit extension





windows shutdown problems

Windows tips

jsi - a really big, searchable database

rojakpot - not so good anymore 1/6/03