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comment - //


debug – window.alert(“Hello”);

debug scripts in IE - Microsoft's free Script Debugger


event compatibility tables





IE, debug scripts in - Microsoft's free Script Debugger





Microsoft Script Debugger

  1. Be sure that debugging has not been disabled in the browser. To check this, open the `Internet Options’ window (under `Tools’ menu in IE5), and then select the ‘Advanced’ tab. The ‘Disable script debugging’ box under `Browsing’ should not be checked.
  2. Next determine whether or not Microsoft Script Debugger is installed. Look for ‘Script Debugger’ under the ‘View’ menu in Internet Explorer. If `Script Debugger’ is there, choose `Open’ from the pullout menu, to see which script debugger is installed. If you do not have any script debugger at all, or if you prefer Microsoft Script Debugger instead of an existing debugger, you will need to download it from: http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting/debugger/dbdown.htm


null, test for – if x == null

numeric, test for – isNaN(text)

numeric, convert to – parseFloat(text), parseInt(text)



parentheses missing – if IE complains about missing parentheses that FireFox has no problem with, enclose all conditions in parentheses.  For example, change

if time1 == null {


if (time1 == null) {

IE's debugger isn't much help here.  It merely points to the first line of the script in question, even if the offending line is later.



regular expressions

set the regular expression as a variable: var re = /xx/;

apply the regular expression: new = re.exec(old)


var original=28.453

//round "original" to two decimals

var result=Math.round(original*100)/100  //returns 28.45