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Awesome Bar in 3.0, disable or modify

Go to Firefox settings by putting "about:config" into the location bar. Click past the warning message, and scroll down to browser.urlbar.maxRichResults. This sets how many recommendations the Awesome Bar will display -- it's 12 by default, but you want to change it to 0.Setting RichResults to 0 won't disable it, it'll just make it fetch 0 results. Whenever you type into the URL box Firefox will still try to make a drop down list, fetch zero results, and make a thin box. The difference is minor, but if you want the feature disabled (instead of gimped - there will be no slim box), set RichResults to -1

Look for "browser.urlbar.matchonlytyped"
Set it "tru"

Or, install Oldbar addon









Internet Explorer, getting pages to work in FireFox which only work in Internet Explorer IE Tab








Passwords, reveal - Options → Security tab → Saved Passwords button → Show Passwords button