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Activist Post (Health Dept.)



Carrie Madej - Whistleblower Dr. Carrie Madej (9/13/2020): The END GAME of this Entire 'EVENT'

Crimes against Humanity - A Class Action Suit against Health Authorities - Red Pill University






All the truth about Covid-19

Warning vaccine! Aug 20, 2020 video


Global Report 2019-nCoV novel coronavirus - There is no deadly "pandemic$quot;. The data confirms it.

Global Research (Canada) - site for government and political news and views, due to research, referencing, tone, dignity, as well as non-partisan nature. Here are their flu articles (they have a staff of dozens of people, and primarily publish articles on a wide variety of topics, by a large number of bloggers/journalists)







Much Ado About Corona John A.C. Manley (Canada): Flu-dedicated (only flu news); Publishes a daily newsletter with flu stats, research, info - sign up on his site


Jon Rappaport



Plan To Control The Whole World (Holland): This site is more emotional, but also has a great deal of the primary information about flu science and stats










Zach Bush

Triple board-certified M.D., Dr. Zach, joins Del in an evolutionary discussion on why Coronavirus will soon go away interviewed by Dell Bigtree - 1:22:11 May 8, 2020

his site