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Stark Bro's

Stark© SweetHeart™ Apricot - $19.99 - zone 5 OK

Summer Stone Nursery- $7.95 - $14.95


Early Golden Apricot Tree - $12.75 - zone 5 - 8

Arbor Vitae – see also Narrow EvergreensJuniper

Chalet - A narrow plant with a rounded top and lime-green foliage. It will be 10 to 15 feet tall.

Degroot's Spire - narrow, slow growing

Iseli Nursery, Inc. – wholesale only

Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery - 815-338-7442

Europe Gold - A narrow form with yellow foliage that will be about 8 feet tall.

Hetz Wintergreen - A pyramidal form to 30' tall and 10' wide. Foliage is dark green, holds color in winter, but is somewhat coarse. May have better than average shade tolerance. Develops a strong central leader and therefore it resists damage from accumulation of ice or snow.

Heartwood Nursery, Inc. - 410-343-0390

Johnson's Nursery, Inc. - (262) 252-4988

Iseli Nursery, Inc. – wholesale only

Read's Creek Nursery - 608.629.5553

Western Maine Nurseries - 800.447.4745


Rosenthalii - A narrow, columnar form with bluish-green, fan-like foliage.

Smart Guard


bristlecone pine

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest - USDA Forest Service

Patriarch Grove (biggest)

Google Maps

Patriarch Grove Trailhead

Schulman Grove (oldest)

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Trails Schulman Grove

Map: Ancient Bristlecone Pine Trails at Schulman Grove

Google Maps


The Canal that Accidentally Grew a Forest in the Arizona Desert video


Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Trees

Fast-Growing-Trees - $86.43 - also shows growing zone map

Holly Hill Farms, MD - $7.98

Nature Hills - $49.95

The Tree Farm WebStore - $9.95

TyTy - $11.75



Green Industry Yellow Pages

Wholesale Nursery Plant Buyer's Guide




guards - see tubes


Hardiness Zone Map




'blue arrow' juniper, which is a bit thicker than sky rocket 'gray gleam' juniper (3-5 ft wide by 15 ft high, beautiful blue)

blue heaven' juniper

Hetz Columnar Juniper - Juniperus chinensis 'HetzColumnaris'

Minnesota Valley - (800) 473-3637

'spartan' juniper (anywhere from 3-6 ft wide and 20 ft high)





Jackson & Perkins - Sunsation Magnolia $74.95 - zone 4-9


Narrow evergreens other than arborvitae or juniper

Fastigiatapinus strobes, Carpinus betulus - has a narrow columnar growth habit. Foliage color is medium green. picture

Italian Cypress or Hogan’s Giant - Cupressus sempervirens - It can be planted in zones 7 to 10


picea abiescuppressiana (columnar Norway spruce, not very uniform but a lovely dark green; maybe too big?)

Rubicon Atlantic white Cedar, Chamaecyparis thyoides 'Rubicon'

Betty's Creek Tree Farm & Nursery Inc. - Rabun Gap, GA - 706-746-7280

Lowrey Nursery - Montgomery, TX - Tel: (936)449-4040

Bobtown Nursery - Melfa, VA - 800-201-4714

Chiappini Farm Native Nursery - Melrose, FL - 1-800-293-5413

Skyrocket, 2, 3

Spartan eastern red Cedar, Juniperus, virginiana 'Spartan'

narrow, upright with for use in small spaces






shelters - see tubes



Carino Nurseries Arbor Vitae - 800-223-7075

Tubes (shelters, guards)

Adams County Nursery - metal mesh

Cascade Forestry

Forestry Suppliers - Rigid Seedling Protector Tubes

Tubex - in UK