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Light Years Ahead | The 1969 Apollo Guidance Computer



computer operating systems

Definitely not Windows 95: What operating systems keep things running in space?



Eclipses, solar - List of solar eclipses visible from the United States

Eclipses and the Saros



graphics of recent events – shadow and substance


Heavens-Above - aim to provide information to observe satellites such as the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle, spectacular events such as the dazzlingly bright flares from Iridium satellites as well as a wealth of other spaceflight and astronomical information




The Largest Star in the Universe – Size Comparison/p>

light echo movie


map of sky – see sky map, planetarium


antiaircraft gun

Approached very close summer 2003

banyan trees


Rover Curiosity




Woman standing


see also Finally, an alien spacecraft seen on Mars, but …



operating systems, computer - see computer operating systems




Why do perihelion dates change so much?

planetarium – see also sky map

Home Planet - comprehensive astronomy / space / satellite-tracking package

Stellarium - a free open source planetarium




SpaceX: Why SpaceX is Making Starlink

sky map - see also planetarium

Sky and Telescope

Solar eclipses – see eclipses, solar

SpaceX's Raptor engine: the king of rocket engines?(video)








Ziggurat on far side of Moon Apollo photograph -- AS11-38-5564 -- was taken in lunar orbit by the crew of the first US Lunar Landing Mission, Apollo 11, July 20, 1969. It is an enlargement of what appears to be a massive "pyramid/ziggurat" ... built on the Farside of the Moon.