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Assuming a Mortgage Loan


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Assistance animals

Request for Assistance Animal as a Reasonable Accommodation in Housing: Health CareProfessional Form

Senate File 341

Sec. 3. NEW SECTION. 216.8C Finding of disability and need for an assistance animal or service animal in housing.

1. A licensee under chapter 148, 148C, 152, 154B, 154C, or 1540 whose assistance is requested by a patient or client seeking a finding that an assistance animal or service animal as defined in section 216.8B, subsection 1, is a reasonable accommodation in housing shall make a written finding regarding whether the patient or client has a disability and, if a disability is found, a separate written finding regarding whether the need for an assistance animal or service animal is related to the disability.

5. A landlord may deny a request for an exception to a pet policy if a person, who does not have a readily apparent disability, or a disability known to the landlord, fails to provide documentation indicating that the person has a disability and the person has a disability-related need for an assistance animal or service animal.

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Publication 527 which tells of classes, schedules

Disclosure Statement - Iowa, Iowa Chapter 14, Lead-based paint, 558.70, sample 1


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Landlord-tenant law – see also Law, Iowa

Iowa Code - §§ 562A.1-.36 Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann §§ 383.010-.715

Table of Contents

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Landlords of Iowa

Law, Iowa

Landlord’s web

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IndyMac Bank - 877-337-FUND (3863)

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no obligation to refinance even if they hold existing paper - 1

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pets - Request for Assistance Animal as a Reasonable Accommodation in Housing: Health Care Professional Form




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rent, failure to pay

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Tax forms

8824 fill in

4797 fill in, instructions

Triple net defined

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Uniform Residential Loan Application

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Prairie Village a residential vastu community






1031 Exchange

1031 Capital Solutions partner with real estate investment companies to offer qualified 1031 exchange replacement properties

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Chicago Deferred Exchange Corporation

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