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calculus page

cubic formula


differential equations

5 3Blue1Brown's videos

Differential equations, studying the unsolvable | DE1 (A Tourist's Guide to Differential Equations) from 3Blue1Brown

But what is a partial differential equation? | DE2 from 3Blue1Brown

Solving the heat equation | DE3 from 3Blue1Brown

But what is a Fourier series? From heat flow to circle drawings | DE4 from 3Blue1Brown

Understanding e to the i pi in 3.14 minutes | DE5 from 3Blue1Brown


ellipse - Why is there no equation for the perimeter of an ellipse?





integer sequences encyclopedia





Mandelbrot set





Generating Conic Sections with Circles | Part 2. The Parabola

pi (π)

Newton changes game how to calculate π

prime numbers make spirals in polar coordinates



Riemann Hypothesis, Explained


Scutoid: did scientists discover a new shape?

Stand-up Maths