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Acme juicerator shredder disk



Color therapy

Reliability and Validity of Healers’ Colour-Classification Systems – by David Evans



Essential Oils

Contra indications (side effects) - Nature's Gifts

Essential oil safety-The known and the unknown - AGORA - Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives


fecal exam - see stool test

food processor -KitchenAid bowl



Heel spur

Cider vinegar, 2

Plantar fasciitis


Research Information, Use, Safety, Pharmacology, Toxicology, etc. - DoctorPhyto

Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings About Herbs - Personal Health Zone

How to stretchHow to stretch




karma cleanse


Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M)



martial arts - Why Martial Arts Are Suddenly Being Exposed as Fake





Alphabetical listing of images

Raw Health

Reprint from The Parasite Menace Weintraub



pH levels

Guide to pH Measurement in Food and Drink

Understanding and Testing the pH of Urine and Saliva

Plate Zapping





How to stretch

Soda ash vs baking soda - see Sodium carbonate vs bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate


Sodium Carbonate

Difference Between Pools and Hot Tubs

How much to use


Sodium carbonate vs bicarbonate

Stool test

AlphaTec Systems - kits - (800) 221-6058 (used by Parasitology Center Inc.)

Applied Nutrition Concepts - 888-609-5505

Baystate Health System - $65 - 800-778-5599

Great Plains Laboratory - Comprehensive Stool Analysis $305

Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory - shopping cart doesn't mention prices, requires ID 864-292-0226

Health Choice - $130

International Institute of Holistic Healing - $162

Lab One Medical Laboratory - (818) 884-4212

Public Health Laboratory - LA (213) 250-8619


Parasitology Center Inc. - Mailable kits for individual clients cost approximately $17.95 including shipping and handling. The laboratory charge is $80.00 for one comprehensive stool analysis 480-767-2522

Tricore - 800-532-2649 San Mateo



Dr. Clarke - Tapeworms and Ascaris and his shopping cart (Co-Enzyme Q10, Cysteine, Ozonator PortaZone)





large mass of Ascaris lumbricoides that was passed from the intestinal tract