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AMD – AMD: How It All Began


Most Powerful Computers You've Never Heard Of video

Apollo space program

Guidance Computer

A deep dive into the Apollo Guidance Computer, and the hack that saved Apollo 14


How Amateurs created the world’s most popular Processor – annoying manga illustrations but pretty good history

The potted history of ARM - history extends beyond just the initial invention - annoying jazz music



chips – 25 Microchips That Shook the World

Colossus - The Greatest Secret in the History of Computing video


DARPA, How Sputnik Created video


Why Epic Games Took 25 Years to Make Fortnite video


floppy disk history

Fortnite, Why Epic Games Took 25 Years to Make video



The GIF Turns 30: How an Ancient Format Changed the Internet

The Greatest Story Ever Told [Where It All Began]

[Part 1] video

[Part 2] video



Aramco: Logic Bomb That Took Down the World's Richest Oil Company Darknet Diaries Ep. 30: Shamoon

AT&T Charged Him $900 So He Took Down Their Network

Boy Who Hacked NASA : The Tragic Life of Jonathan James

Carbanak - Biggest Cyber Attacks in History: How they Happened and What We Can Learn

Evil Corp - FBI Most Wanted Russian Hacker In The World

Israel:Unit 8200

New Guy at the Office Is a Secret Super Hacker

SolarWinds Hack: The Largest Cyber Espionage Attack in the United States


TITAN RAIN: How Chinese Cybercriminals Infiltrated The United States Cyberspace

US Cyber Command Reveals Their Ops Darknet Diaries Ep. 50: Op Glowing Symphony



Intel - From Inventors of the CPU to Laughing Stock [Part 1] video

Intel - From Inventors of the CPU to Laughing Stock [Part 2] video

Intel Has A Secret video - history


How the Internet was Stolen video




largest computer ever built



Silicon Valley's Secret Military History



Nvidia Has a Secret



Pipe: How the System Call That Ties Unix Together Came About




Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley's Secret Military History

Silk Road &ndash The Most Illegal Business In The World: Silk Road

software engineering

Margaret Hamilton, who coined the term "software engineering"> while she was working on the code for the Apollo 11 mission to the moon - This coding legend knows the secret to fixing Big Tech's most pervasive problem

How Sputnik Created DARPA video


Most Sophisticated Malware Ever Made (That We Know Of)




vacuum tubes

Why Lightbulbs Might Be The Best Invention Ever



His Accidental Virus Took Down the World's Biggest Website - Darknet Diaries Ep. 61: Samy - YouTube