Articles of Interest

Political Correctness and Muslim Ideals by Andrew McCarthy (speech) The Herald Examiner April 2016:

Huffington Post Reason – Not Rage – the Antidote:

Huffington Post: White men are dying of despair:

Jason Riley:

The New War on Cops Leads Us to Chaos: Heather MacDonald

The Atlantic: All the Single Ladies (Nov. 2011):

The Atlantic: The End of Men (July/August 2010):

Male Identity Crisis (Psychology Today):

If you’re going to decry capitalism at least offer a viable alternative:

70% of men aged 20-34 are not married:

UK: What Muslims really think:

NY Post – Childish men are responsible for women having kids late in life (data on wage gap and female expectations):

70% of men aged 20-34 not married (end of article shows women have many more opportunities but are less happy):

Washington Times: Feminism, marriage and the perpetually adolescent male:

The Washington Post, Japan’s sexual apathy:

The Sexodus (Part 1):

The Sexodus (Part 2):

Psychology Today: Are colleges not welcoming young men:

George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language”:

Satoshi Kanazawa on the impossibility of a multicultural society:

The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness:

Women are unhappier (The Daily Mail):

Women are happier with children (The Daily Mail):

Where have all the good men gone, man deserts:

Increase in German Sex Crimes:

Women Freezing Eggs Because of a Lack of Men:

What are the social benefits of marriage:

Janet Albrechtsen n Feminism:

Michael Goodwin (from Imprimis) The Decline of Objective Journalism:

STEM fields prefer women over men: &

Nobody knows the true false rape accusation number:

Communist Manifesto:

The Atlantic: Parents are happier people:

Social Mobility Matrix:

Western Europe, State Formation, and Genetic Pacification:

You’re Single because there aren’t enough men (Vice):

All the Single Ladies (The Atlantic):

The War Against boys (The Atlantic):

The End of Men (The Atlantic):

The Illimitable man – Archive:

The Daily Mail: Europe’s hard turn right:

Ratio of university professors, Democrat vs. Republican:

Minnesota transracial adoption study:

Meta-Analysis on domestic violence:

The white death:

Women know less than men about politics:

1 in 4 women diagnosed with Mental Illness (Wired):

Top quintile pays most taxes:

School shooters are all from single parent families:

CDC finds guns prevent 500k to 3M deaths per year:

The More Gender Equality the Fewer Women in STEM (The Atlantic 2/18/18):

World IQ:

Robert Putnam’s article on downside of diversity (Boston Globe):

Restoring Civility in a Hostile World by Russell Roberts:

Amy Wax on problems of college censorship:

NY Post on America’s Failure to Raise Boys:

The Dangers of Ignoring Cognitive Inequality:

Pew Research; Political Polarization 1994-2017:

JFK quote on peaceful dialogue:

Wikipedia on the Dunning Kruger Effect:

The economist on Left – Right Divide:

Quillette on the decline of men:

Quillette: Countries that want immigration:

James Alsup Data:

Francie Diep 17 women reproduce to one man:

50% of rape allegations are false:

Youtube articles of interest:

Rape Culture

Rape Culture (Christine Hoff Summer):

Rape Culture (Stefan Molyneux):

Christina Hoff Summer & Stuart Taylor:

The Rape of Europe (P.J. Watson):

LibertyPen on Rape Culture:

Nadia Lee on Rape Culture & feminism:

ChristyOMisty on rape:

Feminism & Abortion

The differences between men and women (tales of normal curves):

Stefan Molyneux: In defense of men (what’s left of them) & Miley Cyrus:

Top 5 feminist myths (The Factual Feminist):

There is nothing left for men to defend:

Sexual Objectification:

Grievance Feminism (Brenden O’Neil):

Stefan Molyneux on Emma Watson’s speech. Children violence:

Ben Shapiro’s Abortion Argument:

Karen Straughan Why I am not a Feminist:

Ben Shapiro: Women are winning the war on Women:

Sargon of Akkad : A Detailed Analysis of Feminism:

Grievance Feminism & the Corruption of Human Rights (J. Albrechtsen):

David Rubin & Milo on Feminism:

Jordan Peterson on women in power:

Black Pigeon Speaks women destroying civilization :

Black Pigeon Speaks, how women destroy society:

Black Pigeon Speaks on Women Love to Objectify Themselves:

Thomas Sowell on feminism 30 years ago:

Sargon of Akad, Why Everyone Hates Feminism (series of 11 videos):

Jordan Peterson on @ Ryerson U why not to get divorced (1:25) full lecture:

What if Men are Smarter (Dr. Fiamengo):

Feminist Mass Hysteria (Dr. Fiamengo):

Why I am an Anti-Feminist (Dr. Fiamengo):

Feminist terminology and fantasies (Dr. Fiamengo):

Jordan B. Peterson on Male/Female Pornography (female desires):

Janice Fiamengo on Feminist Rape definitions:

Janice Fiamengo on the myth of sexual harassment:

RageAfterStorm on splitting bills :

The Britisher on the Patriarchy:

The Britisher on Toxic Masculinity:

The Britisher: Feminism achieved nothing:

Jordan Peterson: Is one parent Enough?:

Karen Straughan: Men not marrying How deep does the problem go:

Roaming Millennial: Do women hate men (Primer on feminism):

Roaming Millennial: The Woman’s March:

Roaming Millennial: Why I am not a Feminist:

RageAfterStorm: Gender Roles:

Stefan Molyneux on men’s response in our matriarchy:

Dave Rubin & Christina Hoff-Summers (time stamp 8:30 – the better things got for feminists the more radical they became):

Raging Golden Eagle, 70% of men 20-34 years unmarried (Part 1):

Raging Golden Eagle, 70% of men 20-34 years unmarried (Part 2):

Raging Golden Eagle, 70% of men 20-34 years unmarried (Part 3):

Nadia Lee: Good overall video on feminism:

Independent Man on Independent Bias:

Vladivostok3701 How Feminism Destroyed the Nuclear Family:

Why Can’t a Man Be More Like a Woman? Sex Differences in Big Five Personality Traits Across 55 Cultures (.pdf about women opting for different careers then men):

Independent Man: Diversity Authoritarians (narrative of gender equality):

Nadia Lee Rape is not funny: unless man is the victim:

TL;DR debunking the 2% false rape claim:

Nadia Lee: Women are not oppressed:

Jordan Peterson on why women are attracted to Islam (S..T test):

James Allsup: How Feminist Media Fails Women:

Women and Shit Tests (Part 1):

Brenden O’Neal on the death of feminism:

Ben Shapiro on arbitrary rules around sex:

The Alternative Hypothesis: Feminism Definition:

Jordan Peterson & Sargon of Akkad on feminism:

Historical context of feminism (alfsvoid):

Alfsvoid on feminism fundamentals (Karen Straughan):

Red Elephants on effects of feminism:

Blonde, Butch Broads and Soy Boys:

Malleate on Incels:

Tim Poole data on gender blind hiring:

Jordan B. Peterson on British GQ:

Jordan B. Peterson on Swedish TV:

General Jordan Peterson Interview:

BPS on feminism:

PJW on what women want in men:

PJW on why men are afraid of marriage (with data):

BPS on gender equity paradox:

Sargon of Akkad on men and women dynamics (Gillette; boys roughhousing; girls want boys to ask them out):

Misandry today: how women hurt children by divorce:

Sargon of Akkad on hardwired gender differences:

Daisy Cousins on Female Toxicity:

Dr Shawn T. Smith on Feminism (definitions):

Janice Fiamengo on TERFs:

Free Speech

Free Speech – Duty to offend:

Hate Speech (Brenden O’Neill):

Freedom of Speech on Campus (Brendan O-Neil):

Ben Shapiro on argument of authority & Transgender arguments:

Sargon of Akkad – Answers for Libertarians:

Roaming Millennial on free speech:

Jay Fayza on free speech:

Black Pigeon Speaks on Victimhood culture:

Sargon of Akkad on response to SJW:

Brenden O’Neal on hate speech:

Kraut & Tea: The Power of Nonsense:

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast: Don’t Be Evil, Don’t Be Evil (Search Results):

Ben Shapiro Berkley 9/14/17 speech:

Counter Arguments: Hate Speech:

Jordan Peterson on the speech:

Tim Poole on accuracy in news:

Prager U: You cannot argue with the Left:


Paul Joseph Watson on free speech at Berkley:

The New Memedia (Sargon of Akkad) on Berkley Riots:

The Britisher on Terrorism:

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast on Gun Violence:

The Boys are Broken with data (Red Elephants):

Tim Poole – women are more likely to assault men:

Red Elephants on myths of gun violence:

Red Elephants on gun violence:

Red Elephants – the boys are broken (violence):

Red Elephants – who are in the gangs & gun:

Economic Collapse & Capitalism

Stefan Molyneux “The Fall of Rome”:

Stefan Molyneux economic collapse:

Paul Joseph Watson, Why Capitalism is Great:

American Debt Crisis Explained (Prager U):

Prager U, How Socialism destroyed my country:

Thomas Sowell: Income Inequality:

Thomas Sowell: The affordability Myth:

Sargon of Akkad (TheBritisher) Make Way for the Sciences, Ladies (variance theory explained within):

Thomas Sowell on Greed:

Thomas Sowell on Trickle Down Theory:

Thomas Sowell on Tax Cuts for the Rich:

Roaming Millennial on privilege (3 things to stay out of poverty by Brookings @ timestamp 7:09):

Milton Freidman on how capitalism benefits the poor and middle class (argument against the minimum wage & equality of outcome):

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast: Why foreign aid does not work:

Alternative Hypothesis: Racial Diversity may reduce innovation:

Stefan Molyneux on why giving money is bad:

Stefan Molyneux on Venezuelan Socialism:

The Rich aren’t paying their fair share:

The Blaze on inflation and Democrat socialism:

Tim Poole on capitalism reducing poverty:

Steven Pinker on world health:

Milton Friedman on the change of government:

Dr. Steve Turley on globalism:

Dr. Milton Freidman on free markets:

Milton Friedman: Our Responsibility to the Poor:

Male Privilege & White Privilege

Christine Lawrence Sommers on male privilege (The Factual Feminist):

Ben Shapiro: White Privilege:

Ben Shapiro: Black Lives Matter Lies:

Prager U: The War on Boys (Christina Hoff Summers):

Gender Pay Gap (Prager U with Christina Hoff Summer):

Jay Fayza on White Privilege:

The Britisher on Cultural Appropriation:

The Britisher on Western Influences:

The Britisher on the evils of the white male:

The Blaze on White Privilege:

Jordan Peterson on White Privilege:

Kraut & Tea: Why Trump Won:

The Alternative Hypothesis: Understanding White Privilege:

The Alternative Hypothesis: Colonialism did not make Africa Poor (or Europe Rich):

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast: Identity Politics:

Red Ice TV: Diversity is a weapon against white people:

Stefan Molyneux on war against men:

Stefan Molyneux on Men’s Day:

Michael Knowles show, school funding vs. race:

Jordan Peterson on White Privilege:

The Britisher on Female Privilege:

The Alternative Hypothesis general overview:

Fox News on Statistics on Men:

Sargon of Akkad: data on the decline of black families:

Red Elephants on White Privilege:


Dr. Martin Luther King (Stefan Molyneux):

Stefan Molyneux – Abraham Lincoln & the Civil War:

Stefan Molyneux – McCarthyism:

Stefan Molyneux – The truth about Karl Marx:

Stefan Molyneux – The truth about Che Guevara:

Stefan Molyneux – The truth about Thanksgiving:
See also:

Stefan Molyneux – The truth about Aristotle:

Stefan Molyneux – The truth about empire and western colonialism:

Stefan Molyneux – The Truth about Richard Nixon

Stefan Molyneux – The Truth about South Africa:

Stefan Molyneux – The Truth about Nelson Mandela:

Stefan Molyneux – The Truth about the Crusades:

Dinesh D’Souza: Is America Stolen Land:

Larry Elder: A brief history of the Jews:

Thomas Sowell: A brief history of the Irish:

Thomas Sowell: On Imperialism:

The Britisher: On Culture: Do White People have no Culture:

Michael Knowles on Christopher Columbus:

Michael Knowles on Thanksgiving:

Blonde; The Holodomor (Pt 1):

Blonde; The Holodomor (Pt. 2):

The Britisher on Colonial guilt:

The Britisher on the battle of Britain:

Steven Pinker on how good the world is today:

Sargon of Akkad on the failure of communism:

Prager U on Columbus Day:

Red Elephants on world demographics:

Victor Davis Hanson on the legacy of the Greeks (ref. 38.00 min on their fall):

Philosophy & Definitions

Stefan Molyneux sophistry:

Definition of the Alt-Right:

The Gene Wars:

Anarco – Movements (Sargon of Akkad):

Higher Education whoops:

Stefan Molyneux on President Barack Obama’s presidency:

A true liberal (David Rubin):

Stefan Molyneux “An Introduction to First Principles”:

David Rubin Why I left the Left (Prager University):

Ben Shapiro on Empathy and the other side:

Ben Shapiro “Can you handle the Truth”:

Prager U: Comparing yourself to others:

Sargon of Akkad: The Alt Right (definition of nationalism):

Ben Shapiro on negative effects of Empathy:

Ben Shapiro with facts:

Steven Pinker on IQ of Jews:

Libertarian Realist: Race, IQ, Genetics and Denial:

Do Africans really have an IQ of 70?

Jordan Peterson : Stop being a victim:

Jordan Peterson on IQ:

Stefan Molyneux on childcare:

Black Pigeon Speaks on IQ vs. Racism:

Jonathan Haidt on Victim Culture:

Jordan Peterson on Male/Female differences:

Jordan Peterson at Ryerson University:

Independent Man on need for bias & prejudice:

Sargon of Akkad, Rules for Radicals (opposite of Machiavelli):

Sargon of Akkad: Why I don’t Criticize the Right:

The Britisher on Meta Analysis:

The Britisher on abandoning the past:

Sargon of Akkad (Tim Poole) on fake news:

The Britisher on too much change:

The Britisher decks Stefan on the state concept:

Larry Elder on decoding liberal speak:

The Britisher on opposition to Trump and failure of democracy

Thomas Sowell on Trade-offs vs. Solutions:

Ben Shapiro argument of authority & Empathy is bad politics:

Helena Cronin on Sex differences in men and women:

Ben Shapiro: Facts don’t care about your feelings on victimization complex:

Charles Murry Trajectory of America from 1960:

Roaming Millennial on definition of Social Justice:

Kraut & Tea: Discussion on Evil:

Peterson & Molyneux on this way forward:

Ben Shapiro on Alt-Right Definition:

The Alternative Hypothesis: Impossibility of Equality of Mental Traits:

Prager U (Dinesh D’Souza): Culture of the West:

MGTOW Explained (Vice):

Lauren Rose on Nihilism:

Jordan B. Peterson on jobs for different IQ:

Prager U on Gratitude:

Independent Man; Gender stereotypes:

Classical Liberalism:

BPS on IQ:

Jordan Peterson on IQ:

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast on Statistics:

Jordan Peterson: Inequality and Hierarchies:

Prager U on liberty vs. equality of outcome:

Charles Murry on Coming Apart:

Jonathan Haidt on the moral roots of liberals and conservatives:

Stefan Molyneux on Female Evil (Part 1) – women defined:

Stefan Molyneux on Female Evil (Part 2) – women defined:

Ben Shapiro – a vast bevy of facts:

BPS on the argument for nationalism:

Jordan B. Peterson on IQ:

Tim Poole on the religion of the left:

Jordan Peterson & Christina Hoff-Sommers:

Academic Agent on freedom vs. power:

Academic Agent: Three Home Truths:

Ben Shapiro at George Washington School speech:

Identity politics and the Left

Rebel Media and what happened to the Left:

Brendan O’Neal on Identity Politics:

Downside of diversity (Blonde in the belly of the beast):

Social Justice

Social Justice vs justice (venn diagrams – Jonathan Haidt):

What is Social Justice (Prager U):

The Britisher on Dating Preferences:

Roaming Millennial: two genders, two:

Welfare & Crime

Stefan Molyneux welfare:

Polarization of America:

Stefan Molyneux American Violence:

Ben Shapiro in defense of military and police plus black crime rate:

Sargon of Akkad on Black Lives Matter:

Stefan Molyneux The Truth About Crime (discussion on IQ):

Thomas Sowell on the differences between races (less IQ) ~20min:

Thomas Sowell on the Economics of Crime:

University Dystopia

Safe Spaces & ratio of liberal to conservatives (from 2:1 to 7-10:1):

Affirmative Action:

Jay Fayza on University Dystopia:

The Gender Equity Paradox (Independent Man):

Israel & Arabs

What is holding the Arab world back; hatred of Israel (Prager University):

Ben Shapiro: The myth of the tiny radical Muslim Minority:

Ben Shapiro: Why Jews Vote Left?

Ben Shapiro: Why We should be tough on terrorists 9/11 (tried to bribe Islamic states):


Stefan Molyneux “ Why I was Wrong About Atheism”: &

Stefan Molyneux The Truth About Liberals & Christians:

Comparisons of the seven deadly sins with Islam (Sargon of Akkad):

Trump Clumsy/Right about Radical Islam (Ayaan Hirsi Ali):

Stefan Molyneux - Satanism and Socialism:

Douglas Murry on the Assimilation of Islam:

Douglas Murry on Islam (point on Sharia courts in the UK):

Creeping Sharia (Muslim population increases vs. violence) (Black Pigeon Speaks):

Islam: A Religion Hijacked? (Black Pigeon Speaks):

The Britisher on the silence of Islam:

The Britisher on the Islamification of the West – not:

Prager U on Moderate Islam (not):

Roaming Millennial on What do Muslims Really Believe:

Tim Poole: Percentage of Muslims involved in terror attacks:

The Britisher on Muslim Ban:

Ben Shapiro on clash of civilizations:

Black Pigeon Speaks on Islamophobia (overall discussion):

Sargon of Akad: The Islamist Suicide Bomber’s Mind – a study of their theology:

Roaming Millennial on Moderate Muslims:

Rationality Rules: Islam is a religion of Peace Debunked:


The Truth about Fat Shaming (P.J. Watson):

Ben Shapiro against government health care:

Bit Of Brit Body Positivity:

Bit of Brit : Body Positivity:

RageAfterStorm on obesity:

The Britisher on female body shape:

Roaming Millennial on Body Positivity:

Roaming Millennial on Obesity is Beautiful:

Roaming Millennial on Veganism (Myths):


Ben Shapiro on institutional racism:

Dave Rubin and Larry Elder on racism (the Moynihan Report:

How culture determines economic status (Jay Fayza):

Why I hate Affirmative Action (Jay Fayza):

Where did all the Fathers go (Jay Fayza):

Why do Black people commit more crime (Sargon of Akkad):

Jay Fayza on why White People are not the most racist:

Michael Levin on Policy Consequences of Racial Differences:

Black Pigeon Speaks on BLM:

Thomas Sowell on Black issues:

Thomas Sowell on Liberals:

Ben Shapiro on BLM:

Thomas Sowell: Misconceptions about Slavery (white slaves):

Thomas Sowell: Why do Black People Celebrate Thug Culture:

Thomas Sowell on Affirmative Action:

Charles Murry on Race vs. IQ:

Paul Joseph Watson on Black/White Facts & crime

Roaming Millennial interview with Richard Spencer:

Thomas Sowell on Privelage:

Thomas Sowell on The Ethical Flaw (1/2):

Thomas Sowell on The Ethical Flaw (2/2) (time stamp 11:00 on how discrimination does not affect outcome):

RageAfterStorm data on racism: New Video:

The Alternative Hypothesis: What the Experts Really Think About Race:

Dinesh D’Souza: Racism is not the Cause of Black Failure:

Millennial woes: Beware young white men:

Alternative Hypothesis: Yes, Anti-White:

Jason Riley on Blacks in America (Prager U):

Looking for High IQ Blacks (Australian Realist):

Stefan Molyneux on reparations:

Tim Poole on how liberals are racists:

Red Elephants on racial inequality:

Prager U (Jason Riley) on Racism in America today:

Good primer on IQ (Red Elephants):


Stefan Molyneux on intergenerational immigrants:

Black Pigeon Speaks: Diversity Destroys Society:

Black Pigeon Speaks: IQ & Racism:

Black Pigeon Speaks on the cost of immigration:

Lauren Southern on Immigration:

Immigration, World Poverty & Gumballs:

PJW – who are the migrants:

Douglass Murry on immigrants:

Douglass Murry on secondary involvement:

Turd Flinging Monkey on why bring back the patriarchy:

Douglas Murray & Stefan Molyneux on Immigration:

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast on the history of immigration (Part 1):

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast on the history of immigration (Part 2):

Prager U on Immigration (Tucker Carlson):

Red Elephants, correlation between diversity and crime:

The Media

Sargon of Akkad on the media:

Tim Poole on the mainstream Media:

Sex and Dating

Roaming Millennial: On marriage (cohabitation statistics):

Lauren Southern: The Return of the Traditional Woman:

Brittney Pettibone: Why people aren’t getting married:

Overcoming Unattractive Beta Qualities (Blonde in the Belly of the Beast):

The daycare generation (PJW & Stefan Molyneux):

Blonde in the belly of the beast Advice for young ladies:

Lauren Southern talking to the Ladies:

TFM: Sexual Market Value:

Sexual Market Value with Graph:

The Truth about Sex (first reference from the Heritage Foundation):

Blonde in the belly of the beast – More advice for Ladies:

Cristy O'Misty on the virtuous woman:


Four slurs the democrats have to stop using:

James Allsup on Gun Data:


Stefan has gone ethno-nationalist:

Other Stuff

Topographical maps of NYS:

Topographical Maps, Tioga County: